One night in Pocatello (my first area), I got a call from
Assistants to the President and was told that I was getting transfered the next morning.
They said I was going "to the very far North." "How far north?" Shim and I wondered.
Tne they took me to Salmon - remotest area in the mission. It was North tip of my mission.
Population 2000 - at least 3 hours drive away from any settlement.
My second companion was Elder Cahlvahlio from Brazil. FUNNY guy!! LOVED HIM!
He loves joke! and so did I. We made up so much jokes together. It was so fun.

Salmon District: Elders Cahlvahlio, Foster, ????, Mero (who later became my companion), Nope and me. Our District consisted of three companionships. Two companionships in Salmon. And the last in Challis Idaho. 2 hours drive to south east of Salmon. We had to drive all the way to Salmon every two weeks. Poor elder FOSTER and ????.
Can't get enough of these pictures.
There so few people in the area. We would visit same people over and over again! We were so excited that ducks wanted to hear our gospel messages.
So funny! I really considered going there and get a pernament make up.
If you live in Salmon, for sure you will need Sensation salons.
BE happy!! ... as you can see, we are already bored... we are taking lots of random pictures.
This is at the Zone Conference at Rexburg Idaho.... 3 hours away from where we were. I felt so bad when we had to find a ride to Rexburg. I remember this zone conference well because Elder Bateman came. I thought it was the same Elder Bateman that was the president of BYU, but it was another Elder Bateman... I was so dissapointed!!!
I'ght. This is a zone activity. There is a restaurant in Rexburg called "BIG JUDS." They have a burger that weigh 2lb! Flippin heck! And the missionaries can eat for free! This is so crazy! Of course, we paid that day. We can't do that: there were more than 10 of us. If you finish that 2lb burger, they'll take a picture of you and hang it up on the wall. These are the winners: Nope, Mero, Parry, Cahlvahlio, Keeler, Richard and Stalvi.
K, This is how the burger looks like. huge huh? Do you see the wall in the background with many pictures?? yeah that's the one. If you look at the wall very closely, you'll see many missionaries faces... (lol)
Rexburg zone at BIG JUDS. Zone Leader Elder Parry.
I can't remember this elder's name, but he tried the Icecream challenge. Basically 15 huge scoops of icecream and 5 cups of syrups. We had to leave before he finished (because we had 3 hours drive ahead of us) but I heard he got sick next day. And I think he had the burger as well???
Hmm.... Loving it.