Rupert was the only area that I had a car. Rupert is a tiny town and it was the first time that I ever went more south than Pocatello.
How was I to become a zone leader in the zone that I've never been? oh well somehow I pulled it off.
My companion was Elder Workman, another brandnew missionary.


Burley zone members.
Blue sky.
If you go in the mountain ranges, you can have some cool trips.
Isnt this beautiful?
Clean river. This is one of missionary's apartment's backyard! RICH!
Elder Stebar. Good bloke.
Oh by the way, half way through the Mt.Pomrell we biked, there is a lake. This is the picture of it.
The same lake.
Elder Stebar enjoys the weather.
Can't beat this one. Elder Stebar and I entered MTC on 24th Sepetember; two years ago.