Rupert was the only area that I had a car. Rupert is a tiny town and it was the first time that I ever went more south than Pocatello.
How was I to become a zone leader in the zone that I've never been? oh well somehow I pulled it off.
My companion was Elder Workman, another brandnew missionary.


I'ght. In Burley zone, we have lots mountains, right? Correct. That means we could go mountain hiking... or even mountain biking! So, we decided to go to the top of the mountain from the bottom to top! The peak I'm pointing the finger with is the place we went all the way from the bottom to the top with our BIKES!! This was our Zone Activity.
We are on our way.
At the bottom. We are about to bike 15 miles uphill! What a member!
a view from HALF WAY. We are not even done yet.
Same spot.
We took 2 minutes break and on we go again!
Still from half way.
Now this is from the top. What a view!
Thats me struggling up there. It took all of us 4 hours to get to the top. The group got seperated to several groups. I was the third to get to the top. I'm quite proud of it.
The legends that made to the top. From left: elders Sieg, stebar, Kinney, Todd and I. And don't forget the person who's taking the picture. Elder Edinbileg made it to the top too. Actually he was the first to get to the top.
The total altitude we climbed is not exactly 9625ft because of the altitude in Burley
Do you see this? THat's the Burley Zone... my domain! Repent all ye ends of the earth.
hey there was no Bathroom... might as well....