Rupert was the only area that I had a car. Rupert is a tiny town and it was the first time that I ever went more south than Pocatello.
How was I to become a zone leader in the zone that I've never been? oh well somehow I pulled it off.
My companion was Elder Workman, another brandnew missionary.


At the transfer site in Pocatello. In the background is elder Webb, too happy that he's going home.
I replaced this elder when I arrived Rupert.
Weekly basketball game. We had a quite intense one.
Elder Bisoni, my favorite man. This was at Zone Leaders and District Leader's meeting. He was a DL.
Zone Council meeting. Look at Elder Redd's face. Whats his problem?
Zone conference. A picture with old Blackfoot bad boys.
Elder DeHaan, my Japanese niga.
Elder Todd. He was actually trained by Elder Stradling, my companion in Ammon.
Temple trip to Idaho Falls. A pic of Asian/Polynesians only.