So get this, yeah? My missionary visa was valid for 3 years so I didnt have to worry about that.
But my PASSPORT was going to be expired four months before I finished. But I thought the church usualy takes care of these business,
So I didnt worry about it. But just to make sure, I called up Salt Lake Headquarter and found out that I had to take care of it myself.
But there is no Japanese consulate for embassy in Idaho?? What was I to do?
The only option I had was to leav idaho and take a day trip to Portland Oregon.
What a trip! I couldnt believe I would get on an airplane before I went home... anyway, here are some pictures from England.

Hmm... wait, I'm not going home yet? What? what's going on?
Hmm... I'm at Portland? How did I get here?
Portland river. I liked Portland a lot. Big town with a lot of green. I loved it.
Can I get in there??
The elders that took care of me while I was in POrtland. They picked me up, they drove around, took me back to the airport.
Downtown Portland.
Elder Aitken gave me a tie. Nice souvenoir from Portland Oregon mission.
Elder Aitken's companion. Thats' all folks? I've got my passport renewed. All taken care of nicely.