This was my first area: Pocatello East II area. What an area.
It covered the east end of the Newtown Pocatello and it included Idaho Sate Univeristy (ISU)as well.
We covered four wards - very few compared to other areas I have been.
My trainer was Elder Joseph Smith from Ohio. He is half Chinese and Jamaican.
He called himself Chimaican. So comical guy. We both had the good time together.


This is two days before Xmas. We had lots of mails that day. 70% of them were my companion's, but I at least had 7 or 8 letters that day. We were both happy. Missionaries love letters. We finally feel like human again...
We love our mail man. We let him in sometimes. "Would you like some hot chocolates before you go?" He is a member, of course. He says hello everytime he drops our mail.
From left: Elder Barret, Brown, Shim and me on Xmas Day. Elders Barret and Brown covered the other half of Pocatello East Stake. We are at Stake President's house. That day, we had 12 appointments with member families. We were to deliver Xmas messages. We had 4 dinner appointments. Full. I felt so FAT and so FUNKY.
This is Shim making evil mark on the snow. Man, he's in the suits. I can never do that, man. He's crazy.
This guy is one of the ward missionary. He built this huge castle outside his house. It even was onn a local paper.
k. This is one of the place all missionary had to go. "Poky Deli" - a place where if we don't go, we get told off by the owner. Of course, we never paid. The owner is a member of the church. But why yell at us? Because he wants blessings... so much blessing for yelling and telling us to eat at his place. They have great sandwiches.
When it snows in Idaho, it snows. Here we are stuck in the apartment. We go crazy if we can't go outside on preparation day.
We had to drop off something at another missionaries' apartment. There were not home so we left a message on the snow. I hope they saw it. It says "Olive, Shim, Funai was here."
K, here's a story behind this picture. When it snows in Idaho, it SNOWS, alright? So we are stuck in the apartment but we both want to play and exercise! ONe preparation day, we went over to Deseret Industries (to look for ties) and we found weights... a decent ons for 5 dollars. Shim and I looked at each other and smiled, and said "two-fifty each!!!"
So we bought the weights. As soon as we got home, we started working out. "ONE, TWO, THREE!!" Shim and I were so stoked. I used the curl while the other did sit ups, and push ups, etc... about an hour later. I went for a last curl. "ONE... TWO....... THre.. DAH!!" I did too much! I couldn't do it anymore... I leaned forward to drop the weight... then I passed out!!
I hit my forhead against the wall and rubbed my jaw against the floor. My companion watched the whole scene. He couldn't believe it! I passed out! He immediately ran to me and shook me... "ELDER! ELDER!!" When I got my conscious back, I said "WHAT A HECK HAPPENED???" I had no idea! Only thing I remember was leaning forward. The next thing I know my face was on the floor and I felt an exquisite pain on my jaw and forehead.
Later, I called our mission president... I guess my brain was not functioning properly either, I said "President, I passed away!"
Our apartment was so SMALL! This was the bathroom... we called our toilet seats "throwns." My first thrown on my mission was cheap. I couldn't even sit down! I had to sit sideways!!