This was my first area: Pocatello East II area. What an area.
It covered the east end of the Newtown Pocatello and it included Idaho Sate Univeristy (ISU)as well.
We covered four wards - very few compared to other areas I have been.
My trainer was Elder Joseph Smith from Ohio. He is half Chinese and Jamaican.
He called himself Chimaican. So comical guy. We both had the good time together.


This is the Pocatello East district. From left: Elders Shim, Funai (me), Olive, Johnson, Radeke (who later became my companion), Martinz, Barret, and Brown.
Clockwise from me: Elders Shim, Barret, Johnson, Olive, Radeke, Brown, ????, Wolf. Elder Wolf - from Autralia - was supposed to go to Japan on his mission but he had to wait in Pocatello for a visa. But his visa didn't come until 10 months into his mission. WAO)
My first Zone Conference at ISU Stake center. These are the missionaries that I was with at the MTC. From left: Elders Van Orman, ????, (Brown in the background), Lanier, Sister Pahulu, me, Christensen, and Wolf. Look at my suit! It's so tight! I've found this suit in my drawer. One missionary that lived in our apartment previously left it in the apartment. So I wore it... it's too tight, too fit, too ugly. But guess what. I wore this to Zone Conference and one of the senior missionaries in the office saw me with the suit and thought I was one of those poor misisonary from foreign country (which is 90% true), and they bought me a pair of suits and two ties next week! SWEET, HEH???
I'ght. This is a week before the Xmas. My homeward in Japan sent me two huge boxes of food. I ended up not eating about 2/3 of them. I felt quite guilty.
This is during the Zone Acitivity. We did a service at the old people's home. We wrapped up Xmas presents for old people. We wrapped up so much different things - cookies, stationary, books, toothbrushes, etc... but we've also found some cigaretts!! Elder Barret wanted them so bad. Sister Dustman barely stopped him before he ran out with them.
It was quite fun. I would say this was the most productive zone activity that I had ever done my mission. Other times, we played basketball, played frisbee, dodgeballs, volleyball... just sports... we were not very creative.
Another pictures of shoes. Shoes really tell a story about missionaries.
From left: Shim, me, Snyder and Dustman. We all attended BYU so we are making BYU sign? Can anybody recognize any initials? WE SUCKED.