Missionary Training Center

MTC is a place where the missionaries are trained how to become one of the best.
Every Wednesday, hundreds, and even thousands of missionaries from all over the world come here.
They get trained on language, conduct, spirituality, teaching skills, doctrines of the gospel, etc.
Usually, you only stay here for 3 weeks if you already know the language of your mission,
but if you are not, you stay there for 3 months. Personally, I wouldn't want to be there for more than 3 weeks.
It sucks. You can't go outside. You feel so lonely. And by the third week of the stay, you've already mastered
(depending on how well you managed your study time in MTC) the lessons and you are just too anxious to go.
Yes, MTC is great place, but it can get lame after a while. It's a fact, every missionary will tell you that (unless he or she is a complete MTC freak).

At MTC, we were in threesomes. My companions were elders Webb from Ohio, and Elder Clouse of Arizona. We were all taller than 6 feet.
In MTC, they divide missionaries into groups of 6-12 people called "Districts." I was called to their district leader: nothing special however I loved the priviledge of being it. This is the picture of our whole district.
Elder Webb and Kartcher (from Arizona) found suits that somebody left at the MTC and got them for free. How sweet is that?? They were so happy that they paused for a picture.
Oh man, oh man. Look what some people do to themselves.
"Gotta take this picture" #1.
"Gotta take this picture" #2.
Referrals Center where we receive incoming and outgoing for church distributions.
Pictures of our district.
Eventually, these shoes will be worn out.
The answer is "RC is cool" (Referral Center)
TRC - we get to practice our discussion in the real world setting. We teach for 20 minutes to the "real" investigators. There is a "hidden camera" in the room and we get to watch it rightafterwards. Here is me evaluating our teaching with Elder Clouse.
All the Buddies I knew from BYU 46th ward. We were in MTC at the same time. Sweet reunion before we head our own directions.
"Gotta take this picture" #3. I'm going swimming!!