Okay, I was in both Lincoln Area I and II. I was in Lincoln Area I first,
then moved to Area II and then the Areas I and II got combined.
I've stayed in these area for total of 6 months. Let me tell you, Area II is so TINY!!
It literally had about 7 streets! that's it! I was in that area for 3 months the first around and then another 5 weeks the second round.
In Area I, I was with Elder Jacob Kelley from California. Kelley and I are tight. Still keep in touch to this day.
Then I got combined with Mero! Oh, how long that 6 weeks were!!
Then, Mero left Area II, then had Elder Chapman from Louisiana.
Then, Area I and II got combined and Chapman, Kelley and I were together again.
In total, I had 12 baptisms in those 6 months! Not bad heh?
2 with Kelley, 6 with Mero (worst 6 weeks but also one of the best 6 weeks) and 4 with Chapman and Kelley. Great success!


Elder Webb, my MTC companion and my later companion was serving adjacent to my area, but they were in the different zone so we could not meet for district meeting and stuff. But there was an investigator that lived in Webb's area and that had friend in my area so we had Webb and his companion to come to our area and teach this investigator together. Webb had not changed. Funny, smart, and funky.
This is our mission car... not. This was one of the non-member's vehicle. Cool looking though. He had 3 more cars like this. He was rich.
Sister Olsen that always cut our hair. a very nice family.
Lincoln district. From left: Savaii, ???? (red), Clouse, Mero, Van Orman, Ingram, me, Kelley, Corless, ????.
My first pair of shoes died on my 5th month. Thanks.
Kelley takes a quick nap after lunch. We need it.
Kelley and Corless. Corless was one of the only leaders I really looked up to! Thanks Corless and congrats on your baby! (you see he's already married)
Kelley and Jolley.
Kelley and Ingram in front of the temple. Quite dignified, don't you think??
Snow in April is cold.
Kelley and Foster that was in Challis. He moved to an area close to us.