Leaving to MTC

I'ght. This is where my mission began... in Provo Utah; about 6 hours south of Idaho Pocatello.
Yeah Laugh all you want, suckers. My family was not able to attend my setting apart and my entering into MTC... Was it hard?
Well, the last time I actually saw my family before my mission was at my brother's wedding in Boston M.A. two months prior.
Wanna guess what they said to me as they left for the airport?
"Well... I guess I won't see you for next two years..." That was it!
No hugs or kisses. Not even a tear! I was really impressed that my mom did not cry.
Oh well... anyways, this was the beginning of my very eccentric mission.

I'ght. This is Elder Matthew Goodman. You may recognize him from my 46th ward. He actually serve(d) in Tokyo North Mission, where my family actually resides in Japan, and where my older bro, Kiyo served his mission (and he and my family ended up attending the same stake conference while he was still serving a mission - poor brother).
In reality, my (physical) preparation to serve mission started 4 months before my missionn. As you can see here, I was overweight. I weighed whopping 280lb! (see [ABSOLUTION] too see how I looked before). I swear, if I didn't lose all that weight before my mission, I don't think I would have had much access. Physical eligibility is important in the mission - no joke!
Umm.... yeah. This is after I was set apart. Please notice that I am not touching anybody in this picture. I just sat on the chair and everybody just crowded around me. I'm innocent everybody. Trust me.
This is a night before I left to the MTC.
Oh, wait, this is before setting apart! TRUE STORY. I just want you to see the contrast between my bodies 4 months before my mission and 3 days before my mission. I look way different, huh? Well, I'm proud to say I really did it! It was really worth it.
There is no need to mention that is is also before the setting apart. This is my FHE group for 21 days - very short time, I had a blast time with them. Thanks guys, you rock my world.
See this?? see this?? Now, that's what I call a missionary hand shake with girls!! (see the guy giving me a finger of approval?) That's what I'm talking about, baby! This was taken on 9th East, about a half mile down from MTC. The day after this, my 2 yr mission begins.