The town of Idaho-Falls holds special place in my heart. It was a place of growth, place of learning and a place of goodness.
I served in Idaho-Falls stake and there was many things to learn.
My companions were Elders Radeke, whom I knew from Pocatello district,
then I had Elder Logan from Canada, whom I had trained. I stayed in the area for 4 and 1/2 months.
Idaho-Falls was believed to be the most productive town in our mission.


While we were helping a family move, we saw this sign. I thought it was quite comical.
Idaho-Falls Zone. It's hard to tell but we are all wearing a same tie??
With Elder Logan @ ward party. I thinik they were celebrating bowboys.... whatever that means...
My district. FRom left - Logan, Mero (oh my gosh!), Bisoni and me.
That's my first car.
Can't leave out this one.
There is a popular song in Japan called "children's world." Tu tu tu....
A great picture taken by Elder Radeke.
The temple was 5 minutes walk from our apartment. So we took investigators, less-actives, recent converts to the visitors center all the time. We watched the "Testaments" so many times. I can quote the whole movie. It's sad... Elder Radeke and I... when we were bored, we always quoted the "testaments." We had lots of laughs.
This guy served in our misison. In fact, he was Elder Radeke's companion. He was visiting Idaho and he dropped by for one of our baptisms.
Our district by the Idaho-Falls temple. From left: Radeke, me, Van Orman, ????, Apo, Bisoni.