The town of Idaho-Falls holds special place in my heart. It was a place of growth, place of learning and a place of goodness.
I served in Idaho-Falls stake and there was many things to learn.
My companions were Elders Radeke, whom I knew from Pocatello district,
then I had Elder Logan from Canada, whom I had trained. I stayed in the area for 4 and 1/2 months.
Idaho-Falls was believed to be the most productive town in our mission.

[] [PART II]

This was at the zone conference in Idaho Falls.
The two tallest missionaries in IPM. He was even taller than me. Do you know how rare it is for me to meet someone taller than me???
At transfer site. Webb was getting transfered to Ammon, my next area.
My district - from left: (front) Carter, Apo, Shelton, (back) me, ????, Bisoni, Van Orman, Radeke and Santiago.
Elder Apo got us into cufflinks Here, we are showing off our cuff links. From left, Bisoni, me, Apo, Radeke, Carter, Shelton.
At Zone Activity. We played soccer and had BBQ. This is with Elders Gold and Apo. We had a great time. Elder Gold is such an awesome guy. I miss him a lot.
Zone conference again. Bunch of missionaries.
Idaho-Falls District. From left: Van Orman, Radeke, Carter, ????, Apo, Bisoni, me.
Elder Radeke, my companion. This guy is funny. Can't get any funnier. We both had great time. By the way, is this considered sacrigious?? We are making fun of Idahoan cowboys. Gotta wear mustache and a huge buckle belt..
If if we had 51 monkeys previously, you now have 61.2 monkeys??