While I was serving in BLackfoot, we did a zone blitz at in Firth. The sister missionaries were suffering over there.
I won't blame them because the area was far stretched out and the town is so small.
During the Zone blitz, we tracited into to an old man who had so much different stuff: cars, records, magazines, etc.

One of his cars.
this one is dates around 1831.
Don't run overt me. My gosh!
We are going for a drive!
Where shall we go?
Everybody syas: "THAT WAY!"
And I say: "oh too many options."
No, elder DeHaan, you can take that with you.
He loves hunting, obviously.
This is the owner of all these collections. A very peculiar man.
An old record. It works perfectly.
Another one.
Why does he have a rocket???
His poor dog.