Yep. Blackfoot! It's a small countryside, alright? We've completely conquered that town. I literally knew everybody in my area.
There was plenty of work to do, of course, but I think I stayed there too long. Anyway, Elder Hansen from New Mexico was my new companion.
Our zone covered all of blackfoot and then it reached all the way West to Arco and Aberdeen. Loved the farm!
I was there during the harvest time. SOOO HOT!


The pictures on this page are special addage. Since the new school year was about to start, a lot of missionaries, including elder webb, went home early to attend school. There were about 30 missionaries going home. What a loss!This I was getting transfered out of Blackfoot, too. I was on the way to Rupert, the remostest area I've served. Three origianl companionship in MTC. Clouse and webb were both going home.
Elder Skip Dickenson, my good man. He was also finishing his mission.
Haiparai. He went home early. He now plays rugby for BYU.
Last shot with my Blackfoot zone bad boys.
Clous, me, and Van Orman. Triple tall ones.