Yep. Blackfoot! It's a small countryside, alright? We've completely conquered that town. I literally knew everybody in my area.
There was plenty of work to do, of course, but I think I stayed there too long. Anyway, Elder Hansen from New Mexico was my new companion.
Our zone covered all of blackfoot and then it reached all the way West to Arco and Aberdeen. Loved the farm!
I was there during the harvest time. SOOO HOT!


After Elder Hanson went home (he finished his mission in Blackfoot), I trained a brand new missionary called Elder Aiono from Anaheim, CA (however you spell that). He actually knows very well my buddy from BYU. What a coincidence, heh? Elder Aiono was a very enthusiastic and funny missionary.
His family is so awesome. Always sends recorded tapes and pictures.
A family that fed us Sunday lunch every week. Very nice. Have two sons on the mission. They are the coolest people. They own a store in town and they were the one that supplying me with paints so that I could do paintings for them. Thanks. Love you all!
Lunch nap.
As the end of my mission approaches, I wonder what my last "..." will be????
At zone blitz. I missed you elder edwards. MUA!
I was so suprised to see Elder Ranson. Elder Ranson was quite frank about it.
One of our investigator Jeff. They celebrated my 21st birthday. I can drink now! That is, only if (and only if) I want to.
I found this while tracting. I missed Simpsons.
Elder Meier and his companion Leyva.
Elder Aiono and I.