Yep. Blackfoot! It's a small countryside, alright? We've completely conquered that town. I literally knew everybody in my area.
There was plenty of work to do, of course, but I think I stayed there too long. Anyway, Elder Hansen from New Mexico was my new companion.
Our zone covered all of blackfoot and then it reached all the way West to Arco and Aberdeen. Loved the farm!
I was there during the harvest time. SOOO HOT!


I gave another painting at the baptism for Nancy Licano. This was also on my birthday. I had baptisms on both of my birthday on my mission. Can anyone else beat that???
Enlarged picture of the painting.
Blackfoot Zone missionaries unite! We love our zone. We even made a t-shirt for our zone. on the blackshirt, it has the barefoot (with lots of leg hair) and it says BLACKFOOT. Innit. One the back are the names of the missioanries.
WOW!! careful, careful!!!
More Zone Leaders' meeting.
Another Zone blitz. By the end of the day, we were so tired.
This guy had the awesome car. Innit, boys.
Yuck. Rusty nail... it's a bar.
I picked up another blackfoot shirt. Innit mate.