Yep. Blackfoot! It's a small countryside, alright? We've completely conquered that town. I literally knew everybody in my area.
There was plenty of work to do, of course, but I think I stayed there too long. Anyway, Elder Hansen from New Mexico was my new companion.
Our zone covered all of blackfoot and then it reached all the way West to Arco and Aberdeen. Loved the farm!
I was there during the harvest time. SOOO HOT!


Blackfoot Zone Council meeting. This meeting is held by every 6 weeks. We planned them, of course. I goes on for 3-7 hours.
Some areas are landlocked. Some are too strecthed out. We casn get tired of our own area. So we came up with what we call Zone Blitz where all the missionaries in the zone will "blitz" one area in the zone. We did several of those and we found it to be quite effective. We would switch up companions as well. In this picture, we are getting ready to go!
During the blitz, we found a guy that own these. Crazy. Elder DeHaan, my faborite American Japansese missionary, loved it too much and he didnt want to let it go.
At the end of zone blitz. Good job everybody. Average discussion taught was 23, Pass Along Cards 56, and 13 referrals.
Elder DeHaan was so tired. "SO DUMB!"
Do you remember the Hansons in Idaho Falls? Well they've got sealed in the Idaho Falls temple and they invited us to the session. It was a special occasion for all of us.
We heard that the family we used to work for finally opened up a store in town so we made a stop when we went to the Idaho Falls temple.
Interrir look awesome. We actually helped with the sealing.
Another Zone Leaders' meeting. Meeting meeting meeting meeting.....AAH!