Yep. Blackfoot! It's a small countryside, alright? We've completely conquered that town. I literally knew everybody in my area.
There was plenty of work to do, of course, but I think I stayed there too long. Anyway, Elder Hansen from New Mexico was my new companion.
Our zone covered all of blackfoot and then it reached all the way West to Arco and Aberdeen. Loved the farm!
I was there during the harvest time. SOOO HOT!


The huge Idaho spud welcomes you to Blackfoot. This thing is huge! It's placed by the train station. Inside the train station is the spud musuem. It's a real potato land!
Since we were in a small countryside, we had to walk a lot! We get tired but missionaries miraculously stay healthy. Look how much I had left over after walking for 3 hours!
I've done at least 10 miles of walking everyday in Blacfoot. I loved the walking so I had no problem. But I had to say goodbye to my third pair of shoes on my mission.
We were invited to the Youth Coalition meeting in Blackfoot to discuss the teen pregnancies and drug abuse. IT was way fun. There was an US attorney attending the meeting and he happened to be LDS! He served his mission in Japan and he spoke excellent Japanese. Attorney Tom Moss. I had to call him sir. I felt priviledged.
Elder Hansen goes: "Man looketh upon apperance but God looketh upon the inner man." and I go: "Gimme some of the Books of Mormon, baby!"
Does this guy really need a BoM???
I love to cruz around the town with my Harley.
Reunite with Elder Webb again at the Zone Leaders meeting. I look like I'm unhappy about something!
Potachuu~~!!! (pocato pikachu)