4 days before I was to go home, I was transfered from Rupert to Ammon West stake. Although I worried about the some work left undone, but I was very excited about Ammon West.
The reason being that Ammon West area is in the Ammon Zone (I was the zone leader there previously with Elder Webb and Stradling)
and Ammon West was adjacent to three of my most successful areas of my mission: Lincoln, Lincoln II and Ammon.
My last companion was Elder Gospling from England. Good bloke yeah?
Since I was the Zone leader and had the right to go wherever in the zone, I did go on exhanges to Lincoln and Ammon to see several people...


Another family that I loved in Ammon.
Hansons in Lincoln! So good to see them again! they were baptised on my birthday and I attended their sealing session.
Ward Misison Leader in Ammon. They were so good to us. .
And they have the same type of humor as I do.
BIshop Hill and his family in Ammon
Brother Hall and his family (and the girl's boyfriend).
Laura Reisner in Ammon. She was baptised and I gave my paintings to her and her husband.
Kandy was baptised with her mom in Ammon.