I've loved all my areas in my mission. But I cannot sat my mission is complete without thinking about Ammon.
We had so much success in Ammon. I was there for 4 and half months and I had 13 baptisms. And most of them still remain active to this day.
My companion was Elder Chris Webb - my former companion at MTC. Now you would have thought we got along perfect, right? Actually, we did not!
We realized we had a lot of conflict. I was too hard working... so I unwinded a little bit. (not in a bad way of course).
But that's actually when we both started to be very successful.
My second companion was Elder Jonathan Stradling - very kind and considerate gent from Tucson Arizona.
He taught me a lot of stuff that helped me become who I am. I didn't really appreciate him at the time, but I realized that
I was the one that giving him the hard time. Nevertheless, we continued to have success in the area.


After Elder Webb left Ammon. Elder Stradling (left) joined the team. To our suprise, Savaii joined our companionship for 6 days before he went home. Nice. He was a bad boy.
This guy owns a pizza buffet restaurant on Hitt Road. Great place. They have interesting kinds of pizza; they are not just typical pizzas. They do toppings like tacos, different kinds of vegetables, curry, potatoes, garlic, chicken BBQ, etc.
Goodneth!!!! I did it again!!
I go the distance.
Elder Jolley. He married the family we knew very well and had his reception here at Ammon. Awesome couple.
In process of painting.
You've seen this painting already in [FINE ART] seciton of f-blood.
Just to show you I'm not bullcraping about presenting it to my investigators, here is the proof. It was presented to Laura Reisner and her husband at her baptismal serivice.