I've loved all my areas in my mission. But I cannot sat my mission is complete without thinking about Ammon.
We had so much success in Ammon. I was there for 4 and half months and I had 13 baptisms. And most of them still remain active to this day.
My companion was Elder Chris Webb - my former companion at MTC. Now you would have thought we got along perfect, right? Actually, we did not!
We realized we had a lot of conflict. I was too hard working... so I unwinded a little bit. (not in a bad way of course).
But that's actually when we both started to be very successful.
My second companion was Elder Jonathan Stradling - very kind and considerate gent from Tucson Arizona.
He taught me a lot of stuff that helped me become who I am. I didn't really appreciate him at the time, but I realized that
I was the one that giving him the hard time. Nevertheless, we continued to have success in the area.


Does this look like somebody? Yeah. I think he looks like President Hinckley. This is Br.Richard in Ammon. He had apparently met with President Hinckley. He sat next to president Hinckley and said "you know, sir? I get accused of looking like you." Then President replied "Oh you poor boy." Funny story.
Doesn't this lady look like that actress in 6 Days and 7 Nights movie?
A painting for one of our investigator. You've seen this painting in [FINE ART].
Turbo and his daughter. Awesome family.
Mary Aitken who was baptised few weeks before Elder Webb left the area.
To express their thanks to us, our investigator bought us ties. Nice!
Look at my face!
Zone Leaders Meeting in Pocatello. This meeting is held every 6 weeks. I was a Zone Leader for 11 months! Those meetings are intense and LOOOONG.
Onece again, a picture taken with Elder Webb at the Zone leader's meeting. Elder Webb had already moved a new area in Pocatello.