I've loved all my areas in my mission. But I cannot sat my mission is complete without thinking about Ammon.
We had so much success in Ammon. I was there for 4 and half months and I had 13 baptisms. And most of them still remain active to this day.
My companion was Elder Chris Webb - my former companion at MTC. Now you would have thought we got along perfect, right? Actually, we did not!
We realized we had a lot of conflict. I was too hard working... so I unwinded a little bit. (not in a bad way of course).
But that's actually when we both started to be very successful.
My second companion was Elder Jonathan Stradling - very kind and considerate gent from Tucson Arizona.
He taught me a lot of stuff that helped me become who I am. I didn't really appreciate him at the time, but I realized that
I was the one that giving him the hard time. Nevertheless, we continued to have success in the area.


Elder Webb and Elder Ranson from California. Elder Ranson is the one that let me have the Santa Clause tie. (see [TIEMANIA]).
Elder Webb and I were Zone Leaders of the Ammon Zone and one of the companionship got shiped away and we heard that they left a lot of stuff around so we went grocery shopping to their apartment. We got bread, extra book of Mormon, cereals, milk, snacks, meat, icecream, Protein Powder, soccerball, etc. And they were all free!!
Elder Barret. He was the AP at the time. .
From left: Elders Santiago, Lambert, Ofisa, Swanack and me at the Zone Conference in Blackfoot East Stake (I had no idea that this will be my next area).
Ranson, Poole, Edwards and Swanack during lunch at the Zone conference in Blackfoot.
Elder Allen, Ofisa, Dickenson, Webb, Funai, Ranson, ???? at zone conference.
Elder Webb and me. We were starting to get along by this time.
Zone Council Meeting and Interview at Ammon. FRom left are Elder Vera, Webb, Barret, Ofisa, Faust, me.
Sister Bricknell at Zone Council Meeting. I look like I've been drinking!
This was Elder Ofisa's last Zone Council meeting so he decided to bring his favorite costume to the meeting.
This was the Xmas evening 2004. We had our Christmas dinner with the Olsons. We baptized the dad and two kids. When they invited us for the dinner, they gave me this as a Christmas gift. They've made it for me. I was stoked! I used it to this day! Thanks a lot!
After the Olsons were baptised.