Okay, I was in both Lincoln Area I and II. I was in Lincoln Area I first,
then moved to Area II and then the Areas I and II got combined.
I've stayed in these area for total of 6 months. Let me tell you, Area II is so TINY!!
It literally had about 7 streets! that's it! I was in that area for 3 months the first around and then another 5 weeks the second round.
In Area I, I was with Elder Jacob Kelley from California. Kelley and I are tight. Still keep in touch to this day.
Then I got combined with Mero! Oh, how long that 6 weeks were!!
Then, Mero left Area II, then had Elder Chapman from Louisiana.
Then, Area I and II got combined and Chapman, Kelley and I were together again.
In total, I had 12 baptisms in those 6 months! Not bad heh?
2 with Kelley, 6 with Mero (worst 6 weeks but also one of the best 6 weeks) and 4 with Chapman and Kelley. Great success!


Okay. This is one of the things you need to be very careful on the mission. The girls in Idaho are very dangerous. No seriously. You don't want to be too familiar with you. Allow me to tell a story. I go to a dinner at this house. The daughter is acting funny. Parents are smiling at me. but I had no idea what they had in mind. The dinner was good but the conversation was a little strange. They asked me a lot of questions about what my plans are after my mission... yeah you guessed it. They wanted me to marry their daughter when I finish. Oh my gosh. I had that kind of experience 3 other times. The two sad things are that one: I was flattered; and two: they are FIT BIRDS.
Anyway, young women in one of the wards put this on our front door? What do you think our mission president think if he see this? It says "Love you" all over the hearts!!
Temple trip to Idaho-Falls temple. We go every 3 months. From left: me, ????, ????, Kelley, Savaii.
Elder and Sister Morgan and my companion, Kelley. Morgans are from Burley Idaho and they've been working with IPM for at least 4 years. They are soon to go on the missio soon. So generous, so kind, so smart people. Neatest people you know in the office.
Jepson (him and I had mutual friends from BYU) and Kelley.
My first baptism... on my birthday! Hanson family. They are so awesome. Father got activated and baptised his wife and kids. A year later, I was able to see them go to temple and be sealed.
Elder Kelley. Alright, so he left to home the same time I left Lincoln area. While we were companions, we talked about how crazy it is to get back from the misison and then get married so soon and so young. He even SWORE that he won't get married for couple of years... well, guess what. He got married, alright??
I met his wife... she's quite a girl. I would marry her myself... just kidding, Kelley. But yeah, he's a funny fellow.
Kelley and Christensen (who was in MTC with me). They were each other before mission.
Californian missionaries in Lincoln district.
Zone Conference up in Rigby Idaho. From left: Clouse, Van Orman, Webb, Salsbury, me, ????, Sister ????.
Zone Council Meeting and Interview: Apo and Kelley.